The Step-by-Step Course To Master The Sharemarket

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Learn how to invest in shares the right way

Learn how to invest in shares successfully by understanding the three critical decision sign-posts that define every great investment - the What, Why and When. Simple as it sounds, these three provide the foundation, process and support for all great trading and investing decisions.

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Managing risk like a pro

Watch as we share the crucial elements of professional risk management and how they combine to provide peace of mind, greater confidence and ultimately a protection of your capital from the uncertainty that, if left unchecked, can obliterate trading accounts.

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Building your own profit machine

Model our core success principles on How to Invest in shares the right way so that you can design and optimise your very own trading and investing strategy, giving you the consistency, time efficiency and predictability that can only come from having a professional trading and investing process.

About the instructor

Andrew Baxter, CEO Australian Investment Education

Andrew is the found and CEO of Australian Investment Education. His career took him to the hub of global investment markets, the City of London. Working with some of the largest institutions, he built up a broad based expertise in trading and investing across global markets.

In addition to training and education, Andrew Baxter is the owner and director of a number of both public and private companies ranging across areas such as Advisory, Financial Technology, Brokerage and Hedge Funds Management.

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Why the typical pathway fails...

Typically, many investors that are looking to get started in the sharemarket, open a broking account, put in some cash and just have a go. Almost always, this ends up with losses, frustration and in sometimes, they just give up.

How can making a profit be a bad thing?

Believe it or not, one of the worst things that can happen is for this approach to actually work! Now that sounds odd, after all, How can somebody making a profit be a bad thing? Simple, there is no process behind these early investments and the initial confidence that will come from profitability can be a disaster in the making. Maybe a few months later, when the investor has put more funding into the account, market conditions change. All of a sudden the account is decimated, the investor's confidence destroyed and one question pops up. Why didn't I learn how to invest in shares properly?

Imagine if that happened to you, or perhaps it has already. We want to help you by giving you access to the building blocks that you need to not only get started the right way, but enjoy a long and stress free period of success.

By following our time-tested approach, on how to invest in shares for profit, you will be at a significant advantage. Firstly, your decisions to buy and sell will be based on a robust process, one that actually offers consistency. This is crucial in helping you build your confidence. This is the What, the Why and the When of investing, what we call the Big Three.

Is that all it takes?

Not quite, no! Managing risk like a pro is just as important, providing the peace of mind that can only come from knowing you are the downside covered. It is often said that making money can be easy, but holding onto it, far more challenging. This is why risk management is the critical part of our teaching and trading process.

Keeping your losses small is not a cliche, it is how you make proper money from your investments and it is the pillar that supports a long career as an investor.

Creating long term wealth by short term actions today

For anyone looking to successfully learn how to invest in shares, they must also include a plan for creating and sustaining long-term profitability. This is a crucial stage, which is overlooked by many, and is how those who are profitable investors get the job done.

We educate our clients, so they can enjoy long terms success in markets, enabling them to truly build wealth, based on a consistent process, that has comprehensive professional risk management, allowing our clients the opportunity to enjoy peace of mind and profitability.

If you want a better outcome from your trading and investing, let us help you build things with a firm foundation - that is from the ground up, with strong processes and reliable techniques. This is exactly what we do, and we have helped thousands of people enjoy the success they deserve by making one clear and simple decision.

If you are going to do this, do it well

So if you are going to be an investor or trader, be a good one! To help you get started, without needing to buy a course, register your details and get immediate access to our incubator program that will show you how to invest in shares the right way.

Get INSTANT Access To The 3-Part Video Series & Editable PDF Template